Where the funds went for 2018


Every year the visitors to The Rose Fair come, over a thousand go into the Rose Show, some go into open gardens and fill in the donation tins, many buys raffle tickets, the generous donate, readers buy the Rose Fair news, locals advertise in the publication,  sponsors come, businesses advertise, market stall holders arrive, money making initiatives donate the proceeds and  once the Rose Fair finishes we had over R90,000 in our accounts. The village involvement and fund raising activity level is humbling. This last year 2018/2109 we have paid out the following for the Communities benefit from Rose Fair Funds

Greyton House Bursary fund for Bright disadvantaged Children                                                             30,000

Breaville Xmas party                                                                                                                                            3,000

Red Cross Jungle Gym                                                                                                                                         4,000

Volike Vinkies Crèche for repairs                                                                                                                      3,500

Speel Centrum Crèche grant                                                                                                                             1,500

Project Dignity for teenage girls                                                                                                                       3,000

Sewing for Drum majorette uniforms                                                                                                              2,000

Material Fabric Centre for Drum majorette uniforms                                                                                 1,620

Asher for Horses for Rose Queens                                                                                                                   1,000     

Rose Queens cash prizes x 8 prizes                                                                                                                    800

Gift for Rose Fair Judges                                                                                                                                         245

Further prizes for Rose Queens                                                                                                                            366

Brass band fee including transport                                                                                                                  4,000     

Hall fee Greyton Primer                                                                                                                                         700

Children camping Marshall Rinquest                                                                                                              2,000     

Raffle incentive    prize                                                                                                                                           250

Soup Kitchen                                                                                                                                                             500

Classic Cars Expenses contribution                                                                                                                 1,200

Jumping Castle                                                                                                                                                      1,000

Outing for Youth Party        December 2018                                                                                                   2,000

Pancakes for various winners                                                                                                                               320

Expenses for Rugby Olympics applicant for Mouthguard and rugby boots                                               700

Prize Giving Fiore Expenses                                                                                                                                 679

Greyton Conservation Society for Greening (Trees) at Market (2017 object delayed)                     30,000

TOTAL                                                                                                                                                                 R94,380

If anyone would like to donate anything at all to the effort please contact John McGlashan 076 393 0462 or 028 254 9746  jmcglashansa@gmail.com. Or if you wish to make donations directly to the Rose Fair Bank account the account details are:


Account Name:    Greyton Valley Community Project NPC
Bank:                       ABSA
Account No:           9322 265 626
Account type:        Savings
Branch Code:         632005
Reference:             RF16 "Name"
Swift code:            ABSAZAJ









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