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Everything's coming up roses!

Backtrack a year to the Greyton Rose Fair 2013. I arrived from Johannesburg on Friday afternoon to be greeted by overcast skies and a distinctly chilly breeze.

Not a good omen for Greyton’s passionate rose gardeners. Every year they graciously open their gardens to visitors from far and wide who come to oooh! and aaah! at the profusion of gorgeous roses in full bloom. Cause for concern, too, for the hard working committee who dedicate so much time to organising this annual event. Would the visitors come with rain threatening to spoil things?

But there was no need to despair. A spell of rain will never deter peoples love affair with roses. The day trippers and weekenders flocked to the picturesque town. Like me, by now a seasoned visitor to Greyton and its Rose Fair in particular, they knew what a wonderful time lay in store for them.

Saturday morning, sheltering under umbrellas, we rose lovers set off for the morning market. We ambled around the many stalls offering all sorts of bric a brad and local produce. Then, it was on to warm ourselves over a delicious breakfast and cappuccinos before paying a visit to the Town Hall to admire the prize winning rose blooms on show. Roses of every imaginable colour; the air filled with their heady perfume; an experience to touch all the senses.

By now the sun was out and Greyton began to sparkle. There is so much to see and do. I have wonderful memories of eating great food and enjoying excellent wine; shopping at quaint shops and art galleries; music playing everywhere; lots of fun and laughter. And, of course, visits to the sensational rose gardens.

Someone said: I don’t know whether nice people tend to grow roses or growing roses makes people nice. If, like me, you like nice people, the Greyton Rose Fair is the place to be. A bloomin’ good time is to be had by all!


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