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Did you know there are 13,000 varieties of roses? Some roses grow better in certain regions than in others. When you're choosing what type of rose to grow, take some time to research the specifics of your growing region, then look for roses that have characteristics you find appealing. Take their shape, size, and colour into account when choosing varieties to grow. Roses fall into the following categories:

Hybrid tea roses are beautifully shaped, colourful roses that often make appearances in flower shops and as part of bouquets.

Floribunda roses are the most colourful of all the varieties. Each bush has many blossoms, rather than just one to a stem.

Grandiflora roses are a cross between the hybrid tea and Floribunda roses, and they grow to be quite tall with several rose clusters to a stem.

Climber roses can be trained to stretch vine-like along fences and walls.

Miniature roses are intricate and tiny, perfect for planting in a container.

Shrub and landscape roses are quite hardy, resistant to pests and disease. They come in many colours, shapes and sizes.

Tree roses are roses that have been grafted to a long stem, giving them the appearance of trees. They require a bit more care than some of the other types of roses.

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